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    Our Mission

    Give shine to Black men, everyday, everywhere

    We created Wavy Blue with one simple mission in mind: to give shine to Black men that make waves everyday, everywhere. We are driven to create products, services, and experiences that our people deeply deserve, and rather than waiting for others to do it for us, we’ve built Wavy Blue hand in hand with each of you. Above all else we care about illuminating the stories that haven’t been told and building products that help our community live a better life.

    Like many great stories, ours started long before us, with people that came before us, who laid the foundation for us to thrive. Ancestors who sacrificed, who toiled, who fought, and who died, so that we could live a better life; the ones who exemplified Khadijah Queen’s assertion:

    Black people have defined and still define themselves for themselves amid roses and dandelions, cardinals and violets, the blues of music and police uniforms, prayer and swagger, Kehinde Wiley paintings and too many funerals, the streets of bleak cities and the fraught histories of a 'kill or be killed / nation.

    - Khadijah Queen

    We hope that Wavy Blue - all that it is and all that it will be - can represent a space for us by us for joy, uplift, and empowerment.

    “Why start with personal care?” you might ask. For us, the answer is simple: we were tired of the same old thing - products built for our fathers and our fathers’ fathers that didn’t give us the feeling that we deserve. So we got to work and launched our first thing: the Curl & Coil Balm, a simple and exceptional leave-in conditioner designed to effortlessly hydrate, style, and condition the hair on your head and beard; and perfect for any routine.

    Photo by Julian Myles on Unsplash

    All of our products are designed with Black hair ready ingredients, to make way of the small things, so you can focus on the important ones - making waves everyday, everywhere.

    Cam & Mckervin

    Founders of Wavy Blue

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    How it All Started

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    Every month we release playlists with music we vibe to. We mixed some of our current favorites old and new. Recommend listening with a cold beverage in hand.
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