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    Wavy Blue's Formula

    Curl & Coil Balm

    Carefully Crafted

    Discover your new favorite formula

    Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh cut. Our lightweight Curl & Coil Balm hydrates, styles and conditions with black hair ready ingredients like coconut oil, bamboo and ginseng, to give you that fresh cut feeling, 365. We’ve made way of the small things so you can keep making waves.

    * Pre-order shipments can be expected to arrive within 3 weeks.
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    Black Hair Ready
    Paraben Free
    Cruelty Free & Vegan
    Made in the U.S.
    Is this for me?

    All Ways to Wavy

    You can do anything when you don’t have to sweat the small things, especially not what to put in your hair.

    We intentionally built Wavy Blue to be inclusive by design. So whether you’re 4A or C, long on top, growing locs, new to this or true to this, our products will complement and enhance your daily routine.

    Stay tuned as we build, we’re only just getting started!

    Classic Spinnin' Waves
    Beard and Long on Top
    Temp Fade with Curl on Top
    Freeform Locs with the Fade
    Forever Fresh

    That fresh cut feel, bottled to perfection

    Before a big meeting, a vacation, a wedding, or that special first date - you make sure to get a haircut, because there’s nothing like walking out of the barbershop knowing you look good. With our products, we strive to give you that fresh cut feeling, 365.

    Made with black hair ready ingredients, Wavy Blue’s products are here to make way of the small things, so you can keep making waves, everyday, everywhere, and to give you the power to conquer anything...big or small.

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